Swimming free at Ontario Place

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 Amidst the concrete and steel,

A man dons his feathered appeal.

A penguin in heart, he takes to the sea,

Swimming free at Ontario Place, where he longs to be.

With flippers as wings, he glides through the waves,

As though the frigid Antarctic were the place he craves.

In the blue expanse, he finds his true home,

Free from the constraints of where he might roam.

The city around him fades away,

As he loses himself in the watery display.

The world above no longer his concern,

As he submerges into the aquatic churn.

With every stroke, he feels more alive,

As though this life is the one he should thrive.

The cold embrace of the water soothes his soul,

And his penguin spirit feels whole.

His heart beats with a tuxedoed rhythm,

As though it knows no other anthem.

For him, the waves are his choir,

And the sea his desired attire.

His flippers never tire,

As he swims with a determined fire.

The world may see him as a man,

But he knows he is more than that, and he takes his stand.

For in his heart, he is a penguin,

And nothing can stop him from swimming.

His love for the sea runs deep,

And in Ontario Place, his soul he keeps.

So if you see a penguin in the water,

Know that it is not a bother.

For it might just be the man you've seen,

Swimming in the waves, living his dream.

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