The penguin who could ride a bike

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There once was a penguin so spry

He could ride a bike, oh my!

With flippers so strong and so bold

He pedaled and cycled, never growing old

He rode through the streets, such a sight

People would stare, amazed at the flight

Of a penguin on wheels, so quick and so neat

A true cycling pro, on two feet

He cruised through the park, on his way

With a grin on his beak, come what may

And children would giggle and point with glee

At the penguin on a bike, so wild and free

He'd climb up the hills, with ease and grace

And glide down again, with a smile on his face

No challenge too great, for this cycling king

A penguin on two wheels, he could do anything

He rode and he rode, till the sun set

A true adventurer, with no regret

He's not like the other birds, with just two legs

This penguin on a bike, on the path he'll beg

So if you ever see a penguin on a bike

Don't be surprised, give him a like.

For he's a rare sight, in this world so vast

A penguin on two wheels, a true cyclist at last.

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