I remember penguin

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In a land of ice and snow

Where the winds do loudly blow

There stood a penguin, small and meek

A creature out of place, so unique

He didn't like the cold, this one

He longed for warmth, under the sun

But fate had other plans, it seems

And so he lived out his days in dreams

He tried to brave the bitter cold

But in his heart, it made him old

His feathers couldn't keep him warm

And so his spirit began to mourn

He longed to swim in seas so blue

To feel the sand between his flippers, too

But all he had was ice and snow

And a heart that longed to let go

But still, he waddled every day

As if to make the most of his stay

Though his spirit was broken and sore

He kept moving forward, forever more

We mourn for the penguin who couldn't cope

With a life in the cold, without any hope

We'll miss his presence here, so strange and mild

And remember him always, with a heart full of sorrow and wild.

For though the ice and snow may chill,

And the winds may bring a bitter chill

It was not the cold that took his life

But a longing for a place where he'd feel right.

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