Three penguin brothers

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Three penguin brothers, all so bold and true,

Born and raised upon the Antarctic blue.

They swam and played through ice and snow,

Their bond as brothers, stronger than any cold.

The first, a leader, with a heart of gold,

He guided his brothers, young and old.

With flippers strong and a steady pace,

He led them through the frozen waste.

The second, a jester, with a mischievous grin,

He brought laughter to his brothers, deep within.

With playful pranks and a cheerful cheer,

He lightened every heart, near and far, they'd hear.

The third, a scholar, with a curious mind,

He searched for knowledge, one book at a time.

With wisdom and grace, he'd share his tales,

Of the mysteries and secrets, of this Antarctic world.

Together they swam, through the icy sea,

Three penguin brothers, as close as can be.

And though the years may pass them by,

Their bond as brothers, will never die.

The seasons change, the ice melts and refreezes, but their bond will always remain as strong as ever, guiding them through life's challenges, and always be there to share in each other's joys, three penguin brothers forever united, their story a true ballad to friendship, family and brotherhood.

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