A giraffe that would poo everywhere in the house

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 In the realm of giraffes, there lived one named Grace,

A majestic creature with a peculiar trait to embrace.

With a long neck and spots upon her coat,

Grace had a habit that made her owners dote.

In the vast savannah, she'd roam so free,

But when it came to using the loo, there was no guarantee.

For poor Grace would poo, not just in the wild,

But also indoors, much to her owners' mild.

She'd trot through the house, leaving trails behind,

Her droppings scattered, oh what a find!

No carpet or corner was spared from her mess,

From living room to kitchen, she'd create distress.

Her owners, perplexed, tried to find a solution,

To prevent Grace's pooping spree, causing confusion.

They set up a designated spot outside,

A giraffe-sized toilet, with great pride.

But Grace, being a stubborn one, had her own plan,

To leave her gifts inside, wherever she can.

She'd ooze out a poo on the sofa, oh what a stink,

Or leave surprises in the hallway, without a blink.

Her owners would clean, with patience, though tested,

For a giraffe's antics cannot be easily bested.

But amidst the frustration and constant clean-up chore,

They couldn't help but adore that peculiar giraffe more.

Grace, you see, brought laughter and delight,

With her unpredictable pooping, day and night.

The house became a jungle, with surprises at hand,

Proof that a giraffe's bathroom habits can surely command.

So, if you ever encounter a giraffe named Grace,

Make sure to protect your home, just in case.

And remember, sometimes life's quirks are absurd,

But they bring joy and laughter, every turd!

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