A worm that pooped his pants

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In the world of critters, a worm named Fred,

Had a tale quite silly, that must be said.

Through the fertile soil, he wriggled with grace,

But one day, poor Fred, had a bathroom chase.

With a wiggle and squirm, he felt the need,

To relieve his tummy, oh yes indeed.

But oh my, what a predicament he found,

No proper place to release upon the ground.

In desperate haste, embarrassment unfurled,

Fred became the worm who pooped in the world.

His fellow insects paused, quite taken aback,

For worms with pants were a strange, wacky track.

But Fred, undeterred, faced the giggles and stares,

He laughed at himself, with no hint of cares.

He embraced his mishap, with a newfound might,

Turning it into a moment of pure delight.

With his wormy friends, they all joined in the fun,

Dancing and laughing, under the warm sun.

For even a worm, with an oopsie of its own,

Can bring joy and laughter, when feeling alone.

So let Fred be a lesson, to poop with no shame,

In our quirks and mishaps, we're all the same.

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